NxStage and Satellite Healthcare Collaborate on Home Hemodialysis System

NxStage and Satellite Healthcare Collaborate on Home Hemodialysis System

NxStage Medical and Satellite Healthcare are partnering on the continued development and marketing of a home dialysis system for Satellite’s patients using the NxStage System One.

Under the three-year contract, Satellite Healthcare, a not-for-profit provider of kidney dialysis and related services, will put NxStage’s Nx2me Connected Health platform in the hands of Satellite’s patients performing home hemodialysis, boosting patient’s clinical outcomes.

One important feature of the Nx2me platform is the iPad app, which can monitor and capture patients’ home hemodialysis information and wirelessly send the data to their dialysis center after each treatment.

Nx2me patient treatment information can be easily integrated into electronic medical records (EMR) systems, easing information collection and reducing the need for paper flow. The center staff can access patients’ treatment data with the Nx2me Clinician Portal to review and follow treatment adherence and progress.

In February, NxStage reported a 44 percent reduction in therapy discontinuation in a study of 328 patients treated with the company’s home hemodialysis using the Nx2me iPad app. The study, “Lower Risk of Home Hemodialysis Attrition in Patients Using Nx2me Connected Health Technology,” was presented at the Annual Dialysis Conference.

“This partnership strengthens our Re-Imagine Home goal to change the landscape of home dialysis with the design of an industry-leading home dialysis model,” Satellite Healthcare CEO Rick Barnett said in a press release. “We identified a number of ways to empower patients, including how technology like Nx2me can be a leading factor in removing barriers to choosing and staying with home dialysis.”

“We’re delighted that our depth of experience and investment in breakthrough technologies like Nx2me allow us to give Satellite Healthcare additional tools to optimize the way they provide personal care to their patients. We’ve had a long, successful relationship with Satellite, and are excited to extend the partnership to help Satellite continue to lead by example in the care of home dialysis patients,” said NxStage President Joseph E. Turk.

NxStage System One is an FDA-cleared portable hemodialysis system developed for home hemodialysis and home nocturnal hemodialysis. Its simplicity and small size give patients the freedom to travel with their therapy.

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