National Kidney Foundation Welcomes Kevin Longino as New CEO

National Kidney Foundation Welcomes Kevin Longino as New CEO

The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) welcomes its newly-elected Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Kevin Longino, from Greenwich, CT. After a unanimous vote from the Board of Directors, Longino will be transitioning from his role as the foundation’s interim CEO, which started 6 months ago in March 2015.

Since March, Longino has spearheaded the NKF’s strengthened focus on research, initiatives to promote early diagnoses of kidney disease, and steps to reduce the wait time for patients on organ wait lists. Based on the Board’s unanimous vote recognizing Longino’s exemplary efforts, it may be safe to assume these aspects of kidney disease may be the NKF’s new priorities for the coming years.

“Our core commitment will always be to patients,” Longino said. “But as we evolve as an organization, we believe that one of the best ways to serve patients is to invest in the early diagnosis of kidney disease, to provide educational tools and resources for professionals, and to support research that has the potential to reduce the burden of kidney disease in the future.”

Longino is the third in his family to develop kidney disease, and is also a kidney transplant recipient. Because of his history with the disease, his drive to lead the foundation and push research and interventions is more personal and more in tune with what real patients and loved ones need in terms of education and support.

“Twenty-six million Americans are at risk for kidney disease, and most don’t know it,” Longino said. “It’s more important than ever that we raise awareness about kidney disease. We must educate those at risk about the importance of early detection in order to help people protect their kidney health and prevent further damage. Left unchecked and untreated, kidney disease can lead to kidney failure, requiring dialysis or a transplant.”

Before his time as interim CEO of the NKF, Longino held a place on the Board of Directors since 2011, and was a member of the Executive and Development Committees. He is also a Board Advisor for the foundation’s newly launched CKD Intercept program, which focuses more on enriching primary care physicians.

Longino will also be bringing his experience in the technology sector, having worked at Compaq Computer Corporation, and serving as advisor and angel investor to several startup companies.

“Kevin’s background in the world of start-ups and technology has helped shape his innovative thinking, which will serve NKF well as we take our established educational and programmatic efforts to the next level,” said Gregory Scott, NKF Chairman. “As awareness of kidney disease grows and is recognized as a serious public health issue, NKF is working to create a healthcare culture that will improve diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease.”

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