Viewics Launches Kidney Disease Predictive Analytics Program

Viewics Launches Kidney Disease Predictive Analytics Program

Viewics, a California-based company focused on healthcare insights that serves hospitals and healthcare systems with laboratory-driven solutions for advanced analytics, has announced the development of its Viewics CKD Management.

The suite of analytics employs a globally validated algorithm that predicts risk in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients of developing end stage renal disease, and is designed to provide caretakers, nephrologists, and administrators with the necessary solutions for optimizing CKD patient care pathways.

“As ACOs (accountable care organizations) and health systems increasingly adopt advanced analytics solutions, it makes sense to think about how they can leverage their rich, readily available laboratory data for predictive analytics and population health management,” Viewics CEO and co-founder Dhiren Bhatia said in a press release.

“Viewics CKD Management provides a much-needed solution for CKD care management, given that the lack of accurate risk prediction is hampering clinical decisions and leading to suboptimal results,” Bhatia added.

Viewics CKD Management allows patients to receive personalized reports with details on their predicted risk of renal failure and care recommendations, thought to reduce patient anxiety and increase engagement in their care procedures. Viewics CKD suite transforms untreated laboratory and demographic data into a patient’s risk score through proprietary data extraction and cleansing technologies, aiding protocol recommendations.

In addition, the Viewics program includes a lab and electronic medical record (EMR) integration platform, tailored risk prediction for renal failure, automated and integrated care management recommendations for primary care physicians and nephrologists, and customized patient education reports.

“We estimate that by using Viewics CKD Management, an organization can generate about $2 million in savings for a population of 25,000 covered lives,” said Viewics Chief Medical Informatics Officer Eleanor Herriman, M.D., MBA. “Viewics is committed to assisting healthcare organizations in their transition to value-based care through innovative products and services that support medical best practices and keep up with the rapid pace of change.”

Viewics will partner with Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare (PSQH) to hold a free, Viewics-sponsored webinar titled “Revolutionizing Renal Care with Predictive Analytics for CKD.” The event is scheduled for 1 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, May 10, and will debate how CKD has been treated, while demonstrating how the Viewics CKD Management suite can transform the care of  kidney disease and save hospitals and patients millions of dollars a year.

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